Building community

in Kittitas County

Kittitas County Habitat for Humanity is dedicated to establishing strength, stability, and self-reliance through shelter. With our well-established model, we focus on creating and supporting homeownership opportunities for hardworking families with median incomes. We are committed to addressing the urgent need for affordable homeownership by bringing together volunteers, homeowners, donors, and community members. Together, we strive to turn the dream of affordable homeownership into an achievable reality.

Our affordable homeownership program aims to provide essential mid-level workers with the opportunity to own a home at an affordable rate. This group encompasses educators, first responders, healthcare professionals, those in manufacturing and agriculture, as well as recent college graduates working in critical fields vital to our economy. These individuals constitute the backbone of our workforce and are integral to stabilizing our community and economy.

Stuart Meadows

Situated on the north side of Ellensburg, this project promises to offer families a welcoming community to call home. Nestled amidst stunning landscapes and abundant outdoor recreational opportunities, residents will enjoy convenient access to shopping and dining options, Central Washington University, making it an ideal location for families with young children.

Through Habitat’s homeownership model, we will construct eighteen homes tailored to hardworking families with median incomes falling below 80% of the area median income (AMI). These homes will be designed and constructed in accordance with certified green building standards, prioritizing sustainability while ensuring affordability and minimal maintenance requirements.

Each home will feature 1150 square feet of living space, featuring three bedrooms and one and three-quarter baths. Additionally, residents will have access to HOA green spaces, enhancing the community’s appeal and promoting a sense of shared ownership. Furthermore, these homes will be placed into a land trust, ensuring long-term affordability for future generations.

Groundbreaking 2020

Construction starts May 2023

Construction continues through summer 2023

Construction continues through fall 2023

Winter interior work 2024

Winter interior work 2024

Together, we can build this future.