Habitat for Humanity Home Is A Foundation for Stability, Security, and Self Reliance

Kelly has devoted well over the last decade of her professional life to conducting research that helps seniors and their loved ones access needed resources. Yet, Kelly and her young daughter have been unable to access safe, affordable housing in Kittitas County themselves…until they applied to Kittitas County Habitat for Humanity for a Stuart Meadows home.

It was a Facebook ad that led Kelly to apply for a Habitat home. “I applied and heard back a while later that I had made the interview round. I interviewed and got word a month or two later that I was chosen!”

As housing prices in Ellensburg skyrocketed, along with the rest of the region, Kelly feared she might be stuck in her current ‘chaotic’ living situation. Though she’s aware there are less expensive places to live outside Ellensburg, Kelly must remain in the area to comply with her daughter’s custody agreement. As a single mother, her income just cannot accommodate soaring mortgage prices in the region’s traditional real estate market.

“I’ll be excited to be in a permanent living situation and to be able to bring my three cats with me. The first thing I will do when I move in is help my daughter set up her very own room.”

Moving into her own Stuart Meadows home will give Kelly the security she needs to continue developing her career in marketing, writing and research on behalf of seniors. And it will provide the freedom she needs to hike, walk and just ‘chill’ more often with her growing daughter.