Habitat Homeowner & Repair Programs

New Construction

Volunteer labor and donations makes it possible for Habitat for Humanity to serve more families by keeping the overall cost of construction low and to provide affordable mortgages to our homeowner families.

Home Repairs

Our Home Repair program includes work that extends the life of a house and increases safety, accessibility, or quality of life for the homeowner. 

Home Preservation

The Home Preservation program is designed to revitalize the appearance of a neighborhood through exterior fixes such as painting and brush/trash removal.

Homeowner Qualification Overview

  1. Demonstrate a need for adequate and affordable housing: haven’t owned a home in the past 3 years, spend more than 35% of gross income for housing, live in substandard, overcrowded, run-down, defective, or unsafe housing.
  2. Demonstrate ability to pay an affordable mortgage: meet income guidelines, backend debt no more that 43% of monthly gross income, credit score of at least 620, no liens or judgments, no bankruptcies in last 4 years, have worked at same occupation for one year of two years if self-employed.
  3. Meet the income guidelines: household income must be below 80% of the area median income for Kittitas County.
  4. Residency: must live or work in Kittitas County, be a permanent legal resident, and use the home as primary residence.
  5. Willingness to Partner: Complete a minimum of 250 hours of sweat equity per family building your home.

Home Repair Qualification Overview

  1. Must own and occupy the home for a minimum of one year.
  2. Household income must not exceed 80% average median income for Kittitas County, and must provide proof of income for all household members.
  3. Applicants are sent to underwriting to determine eligibility.
  4. Projects costing over $2,500 require agreement to a 0%deferred loan that will be secured with a recorded Deed of Trust.
  5. Must have proof of current homeowners insurance.
  6. Shall agree to partner with Kittitas County Habitat for Humanity by contributing a minimum of 8 volunteer hours and attending a 2-hour home maintenance class.