Stuart Meadows Provides the Perfect “Hand Up” for a Young Family

In today’s real estate market, Paige and her husband Manny saw no path for them to home ownership. And, after renting for nearly eight years, they longed for their own place.  “We want some freedom to make a home our own, make changes, have a yard and build equity,” says Paige. That’s what Habitat is all about.

In her job at the Kitsap County Housing Authority, Paige was aware of the Habitat opportunity at Stuart Meadows, but she and Manny took their time to explore options. And the more they searched, the more they realized Habitat was a good fit for their family.  Manny works seasonally in landscaping and that makes them less desirable in the eyes of traditional mortgage lenders. But for Habitat, this is less important. “The market is so terrible that we’re happier every day we won the Habitat home.”

They were delighted to learn that the Stuart Meadows home mortgage would be even less than their current monthly rent.  “We get a home, we get equity, and we spend less every month,” says Paige. Their hopes for the future will be realized, they believe, because they can build wealth for themselves and their children.

Other than the freedom of home ownership, not much will change for Paige and family.  “Nowhere is too far in Ellensburg,” says Paige.  So, their children will remain in the same school district and day care for their 8-month-old daughter is even closer to Stuart Meadows than their current rental. “We’re getting really excited,” she adds.  “We want to go out and buy all the furniture now, but we’re holding back until the right time.” She’s excited to participate in the build as part of Habitat’s required “sweat equity” hours, as well.  “I’m into learning new skills.”